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Villa Anouk, Essaouira - A Girl Who Travels

Villa Anouk – A Magical Sanctuary in the Heart of Morocco

A short drive from the coastal town of Essaouira in Morocco, where raw authenticity mixes with colonial charm, set amongst olive groves and countryside roads, nests Villa Anouk. My boyfriend and I arrived there on a warm January afternoon. We were driving up the rocky piste leading to the villa when I got a quick glimpse of its honey-coloured silhouette peeking through the trees. It was some time between then and the moment the driver pulled by the flower-adorned fountain at the entrance when I knew I was at no ordinary hotel.  It took me quite some time to think of the best way to describe Villa Anouk until I’ve realised that, to me, it remained more of a feeling than a place –  a sentiment that I share towards few hotels. So, let’s start with that feeling. Imagine a place where time passes slowly, wrapped up in a serenity so harmoniously perfect that it makes you want to hold each moment in the palm of your hand, just so you can gaze at it in a …