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Girl Guide to Saving for Long Term Travel

If you’re serious about making your dream of long-term travel a reality, then its best to start putting your pennies aside! While it’s the most obvious way of funding your travels, saving up is not always as easy as it sounds. Here’s a quick guide to saving money for long-term travel. Know your goal The more specific your goal, the easier it will be to save up and make it a reality. Instead of planning your trip some time next year, set a date, or even better, book a flight! This way, you will turn your trip from a dream to an achievable, realistic goal which will make you more determined to save. Set monthly savings goals Once you know when you’re setting off, another important part is figuring out how much money you need and how long it will take you to save. Set yourself monthly savings goals and make sure you stick to them. Monitor your spending Monitoring your daily spending will help you figure out where your money goes (you’ll be surprised how much …


Girl Guide: Solo Female Travel in India

Everything you’ve ever heard about India is probably true. It’s chaotic. It’s dirty.  It’s colourful. It’s in your face. But it’s also one of the most incredible, eclectically wonderful places I’ve ever visited, full of contrasts, nature of an overwhelming beauty, fairy-tale like palaces and temples, and an incredibly rich culture which will amaze you whether you’re sleeping on a desert in Rajasthan, shopping in Bombay or trekking through tea plantations in Tamil Nadu. During my travels, the locals would often tell me with a smile: “It’s India! Anything is possible!” And it’s true – there’s not just “one” India – there’s many faces of this beautiful country, all of them waiting to be experienced differently. Is it safe for a woman to travel alone in India? The issue of safety is usually the first thing that comes to mind before setting off on a solo trip, whether it’s to India or anywhere else in the world. Speaking from a strictly personal point of view, while travelling in India can definitely be challenging, it’s also very safe. …

Chianti vineyards, Riecine vineyard

Winemaking in Chianti: Villa Vignamaggio and Riecine

I’ve always loved autumn – the smell of chestnuts and burning leaves filling up the crisp air, the sweet taste of mulled wine on my lips as I wrap myself up with a scarf, the sun shining through the leaves, lightening them up like an orange light bulb… This year, with Chianti right on my doorstep, I have even more reasons to enjoy autumn. And I’m not gonna lie, the delicious Chianti Classico is one of them! The narrow road was twisting and turning as I was slowly passing Greve. A lot has changed since I visited Chianti in September – the gentle curves of the Tuscan hills were now speckled with red and yellow trees, their leaves swirling down whenever the wind blew. The olives were round and tender, almost ready to be picked.  With the grape harvest almost over, most vines were empty again. October is the busiest season at the wineries because this is when the wine production begins – which makes it the perfect time to visit! My plan for the day was to visit Riecine and Villa Vignamaggio, two very different but equally wonderful wineries. Riecine I reached Riecine just …