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Tips for First Time Solo Female Travellers

Tips for First Time Solo Female Travelers

First of all – congratulations! The world of solo travel may seem a bit scary at first, so well done for taking the leap! You are soon to find out that travelling on your own is one of the most incredible and rewarding experiences. Before that happens though, you might be feeling a bit unsure so I’ve put together a list of essential tips for first time solo female travellers. They are based on my personal experience as a digital nomad and solo traveller. I hope you ladies find them useful! Getting Started If you’re feeling confident and want to start your solo adventure by throwing yourself at the deep end and choosing an exotic or remote destination – go for it! My first solo trip was to Beijing and while I was definitely in for a culture shock, I loved the experience that came with it. However, first time solo travellers tend to be a bit more cautious; if that’s the case with you, then it’s best to: Choose a destination that will be …