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Travelling solo while in a relationship

Why You Should Travel Solo While in a Relationship

I’ve always been a huge advocate of solo travel – I honestly believe that there’s no better way to evolve as a person and to truly get to know yourself than by embracing the spirit of adventure and throwing yourself into the unknown. The “unknown” isn’t a scary place, quite the opposite – it’s where you are free to make your own choices and learn to depend on no one but yourself.  It’s where you develop into a better, stronger and more open-minded version of yourself. There’s no doubt that solo travel enriches your life and gives you the freedom to celebrate who you are and what you want from life. Ok, but what if you’re in a relationship? Sure, it’s easy to travel solo when you’re  single, but what if you’re not? Surprisingly, there are very few articles addressing the issue of travelling solo while  in a relationship. Not only that, no one seems to be addressing the endless benefits that solo travel can have on our relationships! As someone who cannot imagine life without travel and lives in what can only be …