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Love and Rock’n’Roll Under The Italian Sun: My Trip to Pantelleria

Set amongst the blue waters of the Mediterranean, with sun-drenched Sicily to the North and Tunisian coast to the South, the tiny, windblown island of Pantelleria is one of the very few South European isles still untouched by mass tourism. Raw and unapologetically beautiful, Pantelleria’s charm doesn’t come in an all-inclusive-package typical for the popular islands, but rather, encourages you to jump in the car and embrace adventure awaiting amongst the twisted roads, filled with the smell of fennel carried by the ever-present sirocco. Be it exploring the rugged coast with hot springs, emerald grottoes and fumaroles speckled across its shores, wine-tasting at the island’s many vineyards or indulging in the fabulous cuisine, Pantelleria has a lot to offer.  Nick-named  ‘the black pearl of Mediterranean’, a reference to the dark volcanic rock erupting from the ground, the island is accessible by a small plane which departs daily from Palermo, its slim silhouette cutting through the skies being the only disturbance to the quiet island life. Perhaps it was the island’s exclusivity, the reason that turned …