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View from Observatorielunden, Stockholm best views

The Most Enchanting and Photo-worthy Places in Stockholm

There are places that you’ve never given much thought – sitting idly somewhere on the periphery of your mind, their existence acknowledged but never really explored further. Then, suddenly, they leave a mark so profound you can’t quite shake it off. That’s how my adventure with Stockholm began. I’ve always been fascinated with Scandinavia, but somehow that sentiment never quite extended to Stockholm. I’ve visited it over ten years ago on a rather dreadful January day, the hood of my puffa jacket sliding down my face as I tried navigating the streets, the snow melting on the pavements and slowly turning into grey mush. I neither liked it or disliked it but, having booked a flight to visit my family in Västerås in August this year, I decided to give Stockholm another try. It might’ve been that late summer feel that made all the difference – the warm light gently diffused by the clouds, illuminating the colourful buildings and sparkling in the water. Or perhaps it was me that was different. Either way, on the …