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Mandeville hotel

The French Riviera in the heart of Marylebone

Those of you dreaming of indulging in the glamour of the French Riviera and London’s buzzing city life will no longer have to choose between the two. In a bold and oh so chic move, The Mandeville Hotel has recently collaborated with Maison Christian Lacroix, bringing the feel of the famous coastline to the fifth floor of their Marylebone hotel. The launch of their stunning new rooms, true to Lacroix’ flamboyant style, transformed the hotel into a true couture treat. I was lucky to be a part of the experience, as I enjoyed a rather glamorous staycation at the Jewel Box room, a part of the Riviera Rooms collection. With each of the four rooms designed to tell a different story, from the tropical feel of Jardin Exotique accentuated with Julian Chichester’s furniture to the glamorously sultry Midnight Blue, Jewel Box makes you feel as if you quite literally walked inside a jewellery box. This comes as no surprise as the room decor was inspired by Grace Kelly’s famously stolen Cartier jewels. From bejewelled bedding …

William Goodenough Collage accommodation review

Experiencing Uni Life in London: University Rooms Review

What does Harry Potter, an accommodation provider and one of London’s most upmarket districts have in common? More than you might think as it turns out!   Being a relentless traveller that I am, country hopping every few weeks, means that I’m always on the lookout for fun, unique ways to travel. This doesn’t just mean finding flight deals or researching the latest hot spots, but also jazzing it up a bit in the accommodation department. When, years ago, I discovered AirBnB I thought I hit the jackpot but it so happens that there’s a new cool kid in town…University Rooms! I discovered them when researching London accommodation back in September, my goal being booking a place somewhere nice and comfortable, without suffering a heart attack at the sight of the bill. This is when University Rooms came in. A unique (and may I add, rather economical) bed and breakfast alternative to hotels, they provide accommodation at university colleges and student residences in 75 cities worldwide, filling rooms which would otherwise stay empty. Genius! With …