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Happiness the Lagom Way: The Art of Sustainable Happiness

I would often find myself wandering the streets of Stockholm feeling incomprehensibly happy. This wouldn’t happen on the sunniest of days or when I had a particular reason to feel this way. In fact, it could be pouring down, my umbrella twisting under the gushes of wind and my shoes soaking wet, and nothing could take away that feeling of being utterly happy and at peace. I’m not talking about an ecstatic kind of happiness that comes and goes like waves but rather, a sustainable sense of contentment that carries from day to day, regardless of what happens in a given moment.   You know that a place is made from a special kind of magic when you wake up happy just to be there. For me, Stockholm is my happy place but I wouldn’t find it if I hadn’t taken the time to understand that happiness can, in fact, be sustainable and cultivated one step at a time, as you go on about your day. But how do we achieve it? It’s not about being …