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Split in One Day: Things to Do & See

Split, perched quietly on Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast, might’ve not been built in a day but as it turns out, it can be pretty much seen in a day. While you won’t be able to experience everything the city has to offer in just a day, luckily Split is small enough to let you explore its most charming sites without feeling rushed. I visited Split two days ago en route to Bosnia, and I was surprised how much I got to see in just under 7 hours. I’m not one to rush through, hectically ticking things off my list, so all these sites can be seen at a perfectly slow pace, an hour long lunch, dinner and a coffee stop included. Let’s jump straight into it! THE OLD TOWN Don’t let the tacky tourist shops, travel agencies and fast food stands cramped together by the ferry docks and the bus station bring your spirits down – once you flee the madness (and the smell of burnt pizza), you’ll find yourself  at the pretty marina lined up with palm trees and flowers. From …