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Watergtae Bay hotel review, cornwall

Soul Cleansing by the Ocean: My Experience at Watergate Bay Hotel

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ll know that I declared October the month of self-care. Not in a hedonistic, self-pleasure seeking way, but rather one deriving from a sudden realisation, or a reminder rather, that self-love is where it all begins. I love to travel, inspire, and be a good friend but you can’t pour from an empty cup. As mine began dangerously nearing the bottom, I decided to fill it with love, care and kindness.   I took up yoga and meditation. Filled up my bedroom with crystals, plants, candles and books written by incredible women. As winter inevitably drew nearer, bringing gushes of rain and grey clouds over my East London home, I was determined to surround myself with light, even on the days when I didn’t quite feel like letting it in. Above all, however, I chose to begin every day by asking myself a simple yet potentially life-changing question: What is the kindest thing that I can do for myself today? It so happened that one particularly grey and uninspiring …