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Venice Carnival on the cheap, Carnival of Venice on a budget

Venice Carnival on the Cheap? It’s easy!

Watching Venice come to life as masked party goers fill the streets and confetti swirls in the air really is magical. The Carnival is slowly coming to an end but it’s not too late to join the fun! Here’s how to make the best of the final 3 days of Carnevale di Venezia, while spending next to nothing. If you follow my tips, you shouldn’t spend more than €150 for a two night stay, including dining out, accommodation and nights out, which is how much I spent in Venice last weekend. Accommodation Ditch the hotel for an Airbnb apartment. To really bring the costs down, share the place with a bunch of friends. This way you can stay within the city centre and pay around €30 a night. Another, although much less desirable option, is staying in Mestre, a bus ride away from Venice. Free Events While Carnevale balls are known to be expensive (the prices start at around €140 and can go up to as high as €500-600), there are also a lot of free events which …