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Paddle boarding with Original Wild, Bath

Exploring the Unexpected Side of Bath

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Bath? Based on the name alone, it’s the Roman baths of course, a great reminder that ever since AD43 Bath was a city made to enjoy. Then it’s the Georgian Bath. Strolling through the elegant streets of the Royal Crescent, almost as if wandering the pages of Jane Austen novels – the city’s most famous resident – is another picture that jumps to mind. But there’s yet another, slightly more unexpected side to the city – one you’ll find once you look beneath the historical heritage and focus on what Bath has to offer today. I boarded the train at Paddington on a particularly gorgeous, summer day. The sun was shining in a very un-London-like manner and, as the countryside landscapes blurred when the train picked up speed, I smiled at the thought of the adventures ahead.  Visit Bath has ever so kindly invited me to explore the unexpected side of the city and, remembering how much I loved it the first time I …

Parade Gardens Bath

Girls Getaway in Bath: Spa, Afternoon tea, Jane Austen and More

Our trip began at Paddington Station. Armed with much-needed coffee and smiling excitedly, bearing the usual signs of a girly trip away, my friend and I boarded the GWR train as the platform began filling up with the bustle of a morning rush – the smell of takeaway coffee, hurried footsteps and rushed conversations.   Just a few hours later we were in a taxi driving through quite a different world. One where Georgian townhouses hoover over the river banks as canal boats lazily pass by; where tea parlours and vintage jewellery stores line up the streets the same way they used to back in the 18th century, and airy squares complete with pretty parks add to the overall small town charm. Bath is a perfect place for a trip away. Famous for its natural hot springs (the only ones in the UK) and gorgeous 18th century architecture, the city has been the ultimate spa destination for hundreds of years, but there was one more reason behind our visit – Jane Austen’s bicentenary. UK’s most …