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How to Make Your Travel Dreams a Reality With AXA

Travelling has always been a passion of mine, however, being able to turn it into a lifestyle where every month brings an exciting dose of new experiences and the road no longer represents the unknown but becomes home, has for a long time seemed like a dream. When, a couple of years back, I left my 9-5 and began working freelance that dream became a reality which, at times, still doesn’t feel quite real. I can’t help but look back at 2015 and smile. From celebrating the Carnival in Venice, becoming friends with some of the most inspirational people I’ve ever had the chance to meet at TBEX Spain and Thailand, exploring the Balkans and flying halfway across the world to Bali to eventually decide to follow my heart and move to London, 2015 has been quite a ride. While I’ve worked extremely hard to sustain my travel lifestyle, I realise that not everyone is willing, or in the position, to take the same risks as I have. This is precisely why, when approached by …