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Maldives Club Med Kani

From the Sands of Abu Dhabi to The Maldivian Paradise: My Trip With Club Med

~ ABU DHABI My feet collapsed into the sand as I was slowly climbing the dunes of the Abu Dhabi Desert, the white fabric of our guide’s gandurah fluttering ahead of me. The sun was about to set, hovering over the horizon and casting orange shadows on the sand. Once I’ve reached the top, my dress twisting around my ankles, there was hardly any sound except for the camel calling coming from afar. The desert stretched for miles and it felt like being trapped inside an hourglass. I smiled and waved at my fellow travellers, Lorena and Rafaela, as they made their way up the dune. Together with me and a bunch of international bloggers, they joined Club Med and Etihad Airways on an adventure that was about to take us from the sun seethed Emirates to the Maldives. We gazed over the horizon. It was gradually getting swollen by th darkness as the tip of the sun started descending behind the dunes. It was hard to believe that less than a day ago I was on …