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Mandeville hotel

The French Riviera in the heart of Marylebone

Those of you dreaming of indulging in the glamour of the French Riviera and London’s buzzing city life will no longer have to choose between the two. In a bold and oh so chic move, The Mandeville Hotel has recently collaborated with Maison Christian Lacroix, bringing the feel of the famous coastline to the fifth floor of their Marylebone hotel. The launch of their stunning new rooms, true to Lacroix’ flamboyant style, transformed the hotel into a true couture treat. I was lucky to be a part of the experience, as I enjoyed a rather glamorous staycation at the Jewel Box room, a part of the Riviera Rooms collection. With each of the four rooms designed to tell a different story, from the tropical feel of Jardin Exotique accentuated with Julian Chichester’s furniture to the glamorously sultry Midnight Blue, Jewel Box makes you feel as if you quite literally walked inside a jewellery box. This comes as no surprise as the room decor was inspired by Grace Kelly’s famously stolen Cartier jewels. From bejewelled bedding …

Maldives Club Med Kani

From the Sands of Abu Dhabi to The Maldivian Paradise: My Trip With Club Med

~ ABU DHABI My feet collapsed into the sand as I was slowly climbing the dunes of the Abu Dhabi Desert, the white fabric of our guide’s gandurah fluttering in the wind ahead of me. The sun was about to set, hovering over the horizon and casting orange shadows on the sand. Once I’ve reached the top, my long dress twisting around my ankles, there was hardly any sound except for the soft camel calling coming from afar. The desert stretched for miles and it almost felt like being trapped inside an hourglass. I smiled and looked back waving at my fellow travellers, Lorena and Rafaela, as they made their way up the dune. Just like me and a bunch of European and South African bloggers, they joined Club Med and Etihad Airways on an adventure that was about to take us from the sun seethed Emirates to the Maldives. We gazed over the horizon, gradually getting swollen by darkness as the tip of the sun began its descent behind the dunes. It was hard to …

William AXA Global Adventure

How to Make Your Travel Dreams a Reality With AXA

Travelling has always been a passion of mine, however, being able to turn it into a lifestyle where every month brings an exciting dose of new experiences and the road no longer represents the unknown but becomes home, has for a long time seemed like a dream. When, a couple of years back, I left my 9-5 and began working freelance that dream became a reality which, at times, still doesn’t feel quite real. I can’t help but look back at 2015 and smile. From celebrating the Carnival in Venice, becoming friends with some of the most inspirational people I’ve ever had the chance to meet at TBEX Spain and Thailand, exploring the Balkans and flying halfway across the world to Bali to eventually decide to follow my heart and move to London, 2015 has been quite a ride. While I’ve worked extremely hard to sustain my travel lifestyle, I realise that not everyone is willing, or in the position, to take the same risks as I have. This is precisely why, when approached by …