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How to Invite Positivity and Happiness Into Your Space: My Collab with Desenio

Desenio home decor

One of the most wonderful things about travel is how much it teaches us about ourselves. Taking a break from your everyday routine and the usual distractions – the 7am alarm, the panic of the morning rush, is a perfect way to re-connect, gain a sense of distance, and remember what makes you happy. Even more importantly, it gives you the chance to remember how you want to feel.

Chasing the feeling rather than a goal is the most natural way of not just finding your life’s calling, but pushing yourself towards what lights you up, and living a more meaningful, fulfilling life. Careful planning helps you move forward – listening to your feelings and taking small, daily steps to bring them into life will transform your reality.

There a few things that make me happier than waking up to blue skies or strolling barefoot on the beach – to me, it’s not just about enjoying the moment – it’s about the feeling of freedom and awoken curiosity that come with it.

Having set base in London after years of digital nomading, it’s really important for me that my place reflects the feeling of happiness that I feel every time I jump on the plane. This means taking care of my surroundings and making sure that from the moment I wake up, I get reminded of what lights me up and how I want to feel. Home decor plays a huge role in this, so, needless to say, I was delighted when I got approached by Desenio, hands down one of my favourite wall art stores. I’m a huge fan of Scandinavian design aesthetic – I adore the seamless blend of minimalism and functionality, and the Stockholm-based Desenio does just the trick.

Desenio home decorDesenioDesenio home decor

The colour choice wasn’t just a reflection of my apparent obsession with pink – pink and green are both colours of the heart chakra, and hence naturally bring out the feelings of love and happiness. If you’d like to find out more about chakras and how to decorate your space in a way that evokes positive emotions and invites inspiration in, let me know in the comments!

I especially like the Carrie Bradshaw poster hanging over my bed –  I love a good feminist reference, but this quote also works as a great reminder to stay true to yourself. Cheesy? Perhaps, but I love waking up to it! The smaller poster quote reminds me to always take action and I keep it on my desk to stay motivated. It almost always works! 😉

Desenio home decorDesenio home decorDesenio home decorDesenio home decor

Now, the photo frames… I was very impressed by the quality and just how easy they are on the wallet (anyone who’s ever shopped for home decor knows that anything in gold or rose gold comes up with a bumped up price tag!). They are also extremely light which makes them perfect for decorating rentals – all you have to do is buy a set of picture hanging strips, without worrying that the weight of the frame will drag them off the wall. Mixing practical with gorgeous? I’m in!

Now, onto the exciting part! I’m all about sharing a bit of love and so are my friends at Desenio – the code “agirlwhotravels” gives 25% off posters between June 19th and 21st Jun (with the exception of frames and handpicked/collaboration posters).

I would LOVE to see how you decorate your space with Desenio – let me know in the comments or hit me up on Instagram.

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