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Rail Travel Made Easy: Easter Adventure in Warwick

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When I left my adopted Florentine home and moved to London a year and a half ago, there was one thing I told myself I’d do more of and that was rail travel. For someone like me who loves spontaneous adventures (and continuously refuses to take driving lessons), travelling by train is a no-brainer, especially when you’re based in London where endless travel opportunities await at every station.

Sadly, the problem with making promises to yourself is that they often end up forgotten, and over a year passed by with me flying in and out of the country, failing to explore my own backyard.

Then, a few weeks back, just as I was brainstorming trip ideas for the Easter Holidays, an email from Trainline landed in my inbox and my enthusiasm for rail travel returned in full swing!

With Easter trip planning still fresh in my mind, I jumped at the opportunity to venture out of London in the search of a perfect day trip destination to try out mobile tickets with Trainline. With lots of obvious choices like Cambridge and Oxford just a short train ride away, I opted for somewhere lesser known and a bit more low-key. A quick look and a few swipes through Trainline app, and I was all set for a mini adventure in Warwick!

Mobile ticketing Trainline

If there’s one thing I love more than travel then it’s hassle-free travel! With Trainline’s app, I can book my tickets quickly and easily on the go, and get them safely stored in the app. Bye bye paper tickets, I will no longer have to panic-search for you in my handbag!

Set amongst the countryside, Warwick is a Shakespearian town injected with a huge dose of historical charm. Quintessentially English with its timber-framed Tudor houses gently slanted over the back lanes, Warwick is home to hidden gardens, lovely cafes and, of course, the famous castle, bringing together over 1,100 years of history! If you want to indulge in a bit of ‘me time’ this Easter, or enjoy a day break with your close ones, this little town is perfect for a little adventure.

Day trip to Warwickthings to do in Warwick, Warwick hospitalTudor houses in Warwick, things to do in Warwick

Getting to and from Warwick was quick and easy – you can jump on the train within minutes of selecting your travel route on Trainline’s app, saving yourself money and time. Quick tip – if you want to plan your trip in advance, you can actually make savings. Usually the cheapest fares are available 12 weeks in advance, but they stay cheaper right up until the day before you travel. If you’re using Trainline for the first time, don’t forget to activate your mobile ticket before heading to the gate – all you need to do is go to the “My Tickets” tab and tap “activate tickets”. Easy! You can then scan the QR code using the glass panels on the side of the ticket gate or show it to the station staff.

My Warwick adventure began at Thomas Oken Tea Rooms where I fuelled up on much needed tea. The cafe is one of the oldest in town, set inside a 500-year-old house, whitewashed and timber-framed for the famous ‘black and white’ effect. If you ever stop by, be sure to try their artisan tea – woven together into a tiny ball, the tea blossoms into a gorgeous flower as you add hot water!

Once I got my tea fix, I was strolling through town wondering where to go next when I found myself in front of the Town Hall and spotted a poster which instantly lured me in. Two words: vintage fair!

An hour or so of browsing through the stalls and getting an impromptu 1950s makeover left me richer in a pair of 1920s earrings, a Georgian cuff and a 1940s updo. An hour well spent if you ask me! 

The rest of my afternoon was filled with wandering the cobblestone lanes, taking in the unexpectedly gorgeous architecture (I’ll admit – I didn’t expect Warwick to be this charming!) and exploring the town’s secret gardens. If you’d like to follow my steps, head to the Mill Garden at the foot of the Castle or visit the Master’s Garden at the back of the historical  Lord Leycester Hospital – it looks beautiful especially in the spring as the cherry trees blossom and the wind carries their pink petals across the lanes.

Thomas Oken Tea Rooms WarwickTrainline from London to WarwickThings to do in WarwickThings to do and see in Warwick

Warwick is the perfect place for a spontaneous adventure and with Trainline taking the hassle out of booking last minute, you’ll be set for a day out in just a couple of clicks. 

To book your adventure, head to the Apple Store or Google Play Store to download the app, or get it online. ‘Appy travelling!

This post is sponsored, however, all opinions are my own.

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      Ah I love having everything on my phone, it just makes life so much easier! Ohh you must’ve loved it there, it’s such a charming city xx

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