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Join in the Arctic Adventure and Northern Lights Bonanza in Tromsø

Northern Lights in Tromso, Norwar Best Served Scandinavia

For those of your who have been following me on Instagram,  my love for Scandinavia will come as no surprise.

Can you blame me? Who wouldn’t dream of watching the Northern Lights sparkle across the arctic sky or husky sledging through fjordic landscapes, where rugged mountains and glassy lakes stretch for miles and miles…If this wasn’t enough to make me want to visit, Scandinavians completely upped the hotel game with igloo and ice hotels dotted all around the region. Can I jump on the plane already?!

Needless to say, when Best Served Scandinavia told me about their special offer on a Northern Lights trip to Tromsø,  one of the world’s most isolated and, by the sound of it, quite possibly one of the most enchanting destinations, I just knew I had to share it with you. Without further ado, here’s the deal.

400km North of the arctic circle, scenically tucked in between Norwegian fjords and snow-capped mountains, sits the island town of Tromsø, the northernmost city in the world – and the very centre of the northern aurora zone. Considered one of the best places to see the Northern Lights, Tromsø won’t leave you short of opportunities to join in the celestial spectacle. From chasing the Northern Lights at an Aurora Safari during those crisp, arctic nights, to the Northern Lights dinner cruise, perfect for hopeless romantics (who wouldn’t want to watch aurora paint the Arctic sky over a candle-lit dinner?), Tromsø sounds nothing short of enchanting.

to Tromso, Norwar Best Served Scandinaviaorthern Lights in Tromso, Norwar Best Served ScandinaviaTromso Norway with Best Served Scandinavia

The city’s unique location means that the fun doesn’t stop at watching Aurora Borealis. Think husky and reindeer sledging, snowmobile safaris into the arctic wilderness, where you’ll get the chance to admire dramatic views of the Lyngen Alps, complete with dolphin and whale watching amongst the fjords.

If you’re in the mood for exploring the city, head to Tromsø’s harbour lined with doll-like wooden houses, some of them dating back to the 18th century. Add the lively cultural and music scene to the mix (Tromsø is home to many art galleries, while the pubs per capita is higher than anywhere else in Norway) and you’ll have little excuse for giving Tromsø a miss.

husky sledging in Tromso, NorwayTromso whale watching

While there’s no denying that watching the Northern Lights is a magical experience, it comes, quite literally, at a price. This is why Best Served Scandinavia are already accepting bookings for winter 2017/18, with the prices starting at just £490 (including flights from London Gatwick). Those of you who looked into booking a Northern Lights trip will know that this is a good deal. Otherwise, you can still book a spot for your February and March adventures. To view a day by day itinerary outlining all the gloriously amazing things you’ll get up to while in Tromsø, have a browse through Best Served Scandinavia website. 

Are you going to see the Northern Lights this year? Let me know in the comments!

This post is sponsored, however, all opinions are my own.

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