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Experience Clink78, London’s Most Unique Hostel

Clink78 review, Clink Hostels London

I think we all know the struggle of travelling to a place like London all too well… It’s an amazing experience but comes, quite literally, at a price. If, like me, you’re hesitant to spend your life’s savings on London accommodation then I have a solution for you – Clink78!


This 200 year old courtroom turned hostel located conveniently by the bustling Kings Cross combines Victorian decor with a fun, youthful vibe, but there’s a twist: aside from offering private, single-sex and mixed facilities, Clink78 gives you the chance to bring your experience a step further and sleep in authentic prison cells (don’t worry, they’ve all been refurbished to add much needed colour and warmth)! Perfect for sharing with your partner in crime, you’ll be in a great company too  – Clink78 is where the Clash were famously fined.

CLink78, CLink Hostels London review

Before I go into describing my experience in more detail, let me be honest with you: I’ve never been a fan of hostels –  as much as I love to travel, the idea of sharing a, possibly dingy and drabby, room with a bunch of strangers was never an opportunity that I would see myself jump at. However, with Clink Hostels causing quite a stir on the social media front and their accommodation being so refreshingly vibrant and different from the other hostels I came across, I thought it would be rude not to give them a try – and I was not disappointed.

I spent two nights in one of Clink78’s private ensuite rooms – the first thing that hit me upon entering was how clean and fresh it was. Crisp sheets, a squeacky clean bathroom with a bunch of adorable toiletries lined  up on the shelf, modern and cosy decor… This is the kind of standard that you would most certainly expect from a hotel, but I was positively surprised that the Clink staff extended it to their accommodation. The only downside was the lack of air conditioning – the room was quite small and with the bathroom facing the bed it would get a bit stuffy, but it was a  small drawback compared to the overall feel of the place.

Clink78 toiletries

Clink78 hostel review London

Photo courtesy of Clink78.

Clink78 Hostel review A Girl Who Travels

What I  loved about Clink78 and what made it stand out amongst other London hostels is its social vibe – from the Clashbar, a relaxed and modern space with DJs, quiz nights and great value drinks, to free London walking tours and their fabulous social app, Clink78 goes out of their way to extend the experience beyond accommodation. Not every hotel understands that a comfortable bed to sleep on is just a part of the travel experience, so to see Clink’s committment to delivering on all fronts and combining accommodation with a bunch of activities and opportunities to socialise and explore London was truly refreshing.

Clink78 Clashbar

Photos courtesy of Clink78.

Photos courtesy of Clink78.

Let’s move onto what I (and a lot of you I’d imagine!) value most when looking for place to stay: location and prices. Clink78 is within a walking distance to Kings Cross Station, with the British Museum, Sadler’s Well Theatre and the British Library practically on your doorstep. In a place as busy and at times confusing to get around as London, this is a definite plus.  Also, because of the hostel’s proximity to Kings Cross and St Pancras tube stations you can find yourself walking down the funky streets of Camden Town and cupcake shopping at Covent Garden in no time (by London standards at least)! In terms of the costs, dorm prices start at £13.00 per bed and private/cell rooms from £50.00 per room (breakfast included), which is a bargain if you ask me, especially given the fabulous decor and attention to detail. If you love freebies (who doesn’t?), you won’t be disappointed – from complimentary continental breakfast, toiletries and a free London tour, you won’t have to worry about splashing out.

The verdict? As you can probably tell, I loved this place! Not just because of how well-maintained and vibrant a space it is, but because of the way Clink Hostels positioned themselves at the very forefront of affordable travel game. Their passion for delivering fun, unique experience to their guests and their dedication to offering a high standard shined through every aspect of my stay. If you’re travelling to London on a budget, then I would recommend Clink78 in a heartbeat!

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  1. That hostel looks great! I’m very similar – I will stay in Hostels but I’m very choosey as the last thing I want when I’m out exploring all day is to have an awful sleep, it’s not worth the dollars I would be saving!

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