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A Day in the Life of Gloria Apara aka Nomadic Chica

Nomadic Chica, Gloria Apara

Meet Gloria Apara, aka Nomadic Chica – a travel blogger whose dream has always been to live the life of travel. Originally from Chile, Gloria created www.nomadicchica.com to encourage others to travel more and to empower women to travel solo. Let’s find out where her adventurous spirit has taken her recently!

What is your current location and how long are you planning on staying there?

I’m currently in Chile covering all the beauties that the country has to offer for other travelers. Also visiting friends and family that I’ve didn’t seen for a while. Planning to stay here for the next few months before hitting the road again.

What view did you wake up to this morning?

A Day in The Life of Gloria APara, Nomaidc Chica

This is in North Chile in an area full of natural beauty called Coquimbo Region. Many activities to do nearby and tasty seafood!

Please describe your typical morning.

No matter where I am, my first goal in a typical morning is to find me some coffee before I start with my online duties, as a Travel Blogger I must be online most of the time. Next it depends on my schedule and my mood, can be from going for a tour or just walking in the city to having meetings. Some days I like to stay where my home is and chill/work while enjoying a good view. Ah! And when I’m not lazy I push myself to do some running or yoga!

What is the most exciting/fun thing that you did or saw today? 

I went to see dolphins and penguins! Isla Damas is a National Park and a protected area in North Chile and it is a place I wanted to visit for such a long time and was lucky enough to have dolphins swimming right next to our boat! Wonderful experience!

Nomadic chica Gloria Apara quote

What drives you to travel, besides the obvious such as experiencing new cultures? What do you hope to, or have, experienced through travel?

I have always a serious case of wanderlust. Since a very young age the only thing driving me to dream about was traveling the world. What drives me to travel is a need to experience life at the fullest and to get inspired every day with new things that are different than my own culture. While other people are afraid of the unknown, I’m all about embracing it and encountering new things, food and people. Travel has taught me mostly about being tolerant towards others, their culture and aspirations.

Solo female travel tends to be portrayed as dangerous in the mainstream media. What is your number one reason for women to travel solo?

Nomadic Chica, Gloria Apara interview

I am at the position as you. I don’t believe or trust stereotypes and I can show other women (and that is one of my goals why I am running www.nomadicchica.com) with my experience that that is not true. Women can travel the world by themselves and the world is not a dangerous place as many people think. For sure we need to take more cautions than a solo male traveler when on the road, but it also means many people will be more willing to help you as a solo female traveler. I was solo traveling in India last year for four beautiful months and have nothing but good experience.

I believe any woman should travel solo at least once in their life just to prove themselves they are powerful and can do whatever they want and don’t need the approval of any other person.

Please tell us more about your travel plans for the rest of the year! What places have you visited so far and where else do you want to travel in 2015?

I am really excited as it will be my first time in Brazil in April! After attending the WTM Travel Conference I will go to Europe and Asia for the rest of the year.


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