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A Day in the Life of Savannah Grace, a Book Author and World Traveller

Savannah Grace interview

I’m really excited about this week’s “A Day in the Life…” interview because I’m about to introduce you to someone who’s been experiencing first hand what can only be described as every travel lover’s dream. 24 year old Canadian Savannah Grace, the author of two award-winning travel books, How I Grew My Boobs in China and Backpacks and Bra Straps, was pulled out of school at the tender age of 14 to travel the world with her family. 

Leaving everything she knew behind to experience the unknown, she spent the following 4 years on the road. Shortly after, Savannah decided to follow her heart and moved to Holland which she calls home until this day. Savannah has been to a whopping 99 countries and continues to travel to more. Let’s find out more about her incredible life!

What is your current location and how long are you planning on staying there? 

I am currently in Alkmaar, Holland where I have been living for exactly 6 years, as of April 1st, 2015. It makes a really great home base for travelling as it’s very central. The future is always a mystery for me, thus I have no idea how much longer I will stay.

What view did you wake up to this morning?

Savannah Grace "A Day in The Life"

Very typically European looking street with the cobblestones and pointed-roofed, brick homes. It’s so gorgeous when the trees are green, the flowers are in bloom and horse carriages are strolling down the road. Second photo is a typical Dutch sunset from my balcony.

Please describe your typical morning. Since you travel a lot, do you try to stick to a routine, or do you keep it flexible depending on where you are?

I wish I could do that. My life always seems to be twisting and turning in every direction and even though I have been based in one spot, I have not been able to pick up a regular routine. I wonder if I ever will. The only thing that happens, most definitely, every single morning, is checking the internet and catching up with Social Media. I have connections all around the world, so messages come in around the clock.

What is the most exciting/fun thing that you did or saw today?

I met my fellow co-founder of Twitter #TRLT Travel Chat, Shane Dallas (@thetravelcamel), for the first time, after 16 months of running #TRLT together. He is Australian and a big world traveller (nearly 100 countries too!) and will be staying with me here in Holland for a couple of weeks.

 Savannah Grace quote

What drives you to travel, besides the obvious such as experiencing new cultures? What do you hope to, or have, experience through travel?

As a writer, my biggest thing in travel is getting inspiration. Travel means escaping the rut, feeling alive and living in the moment. There is always a story to be told, people to meet and it’s never stagnant or boring. I thrive on the visual and mental stimulation it gives. What I hope is to spread the inspiration and happiness that I gain while travelling, by sharing it through my storytelling. I want to enlighten others and highlight the positives instead of the negatives of the world.

Solo female travel has been recently portrayed as dangerous in the mainstream media. Here at A Girl Who Travels I’m all about combating stereotypes associated with female travel. What is your number one reason for women to travel solo?

I often say, a world considered to be wrought with hunger, despair, corruption and danger turned out to be one full of love, family values and respect. Ironically, it seems that the less people have the more willing they are to share.  I think it takes travel to learn and see that. Traveling as a solo woman you will gain that same knowledge but also learn your own boundaries, strengths and gain so much confidence.

Savannah Grace "HOw I gre My Boobs in China" interview

Please tell us more about your travel plans for the rest of the year! What places have you visited so far and where else do you want to travel in 2015?

I will be going to Spain at the end of April to attend my first #TBEX. In May I will be going somewhere for a week (not yet decided). And in June my boyfriend and I go away for our birthdays. In 2014 we went to Cape Verde (my 100th country), 2013 we were in Mauritius, 2012 Suriname, 2011 Paris…this year we have a month and a half to go off on an adventure. The destination has yet to be announced. Sometime in the summer I hope to take a vehicle train down to Slovenia/Italy and do a bit of a road trip. Beautiful countries, I can’t wait to discover more! In October-December I will be in Vancouver, Canada area promoting my travel book series Sihpromatum on tour. High on my list to visit still are England, Japan (though I will wait for spring, so that will have to be next year), Dubai and anywhere in South East Asia as I have not yet been!

Follow Savannah’s incredible life on Sihpromatum.com and on Twitter!

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      You definitely should! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. I admire Savannah Grace so much for her adventure, she’s a true inspiration :) thanks for this great post!

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