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A Day in The Life of Mareen Schauder

Mareen Schauder, Miss Everywhere

Get ready to be swept away by wanderlust as I’m about to introduce you to Mareen Schauder, a beautiful full-time traveller and a professional travel blogger who left her job in the corporate world to pursue her biggest passion – travel. Mareen, who swapped her office desk for a full-time blogging career at Miss Everywhere admits that she has a weakness for exotic beaches and stylish hideaways. Let’s get a glimpse into her fabulous life!

What is your current location and how long are you planning on staying here?

Dubai. I was here for a week and am flying back home to Germany tonight, repack my suitcase and then to Bali next week.

What view did you wake up to this morning ?

Mareen Schauder desert safari breakfast, Miss Everywhere

I woke up to this beautiful desert view of Al Maha resort in Dubai, which is located right in the desert between Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Please describe your typical morning. Since you’re constantly on the move, do you try to stick to a routine?

Every day is different depending on the current location and work load that day but the first thing I do every morning is checking my emails, then usually have breakfast and then start working with either going to a meeting, doing a shooting, editing, negotiate collaborations or whatever is on the plan for that day.

What is the most exciting thing that you saw or did today?

I went on a dune bashing ride this morning at 6.30 am which was very exciting as the sand dunes around here are up to 300 meters high. Def a fun activity you should do when you like adventures and are in the desert.

To travel is to learn about life

What drives you to travel, besides the obvious such as experiencing new cultures ? What do you hope, or have, experienced through travel?

Besides my addiction to the beach the thing I love most about traveling is that you learn and see the beauty of life from different angles. Every culture, every religion and every tradition has something to it which makes you reflect your way of thinking. Traveling is learning about life. It is a constant journey of experiences.

Solo female travel has been recently portrayed as dangerous in the mainstream media. What is your number one reason for women to travel solo?

I have never experienced any dangerous situation while on my travels. Of course it is important to travel with common sense and awareness of the country and environment your in but my experience traveling solo is nothing but positive. You meet wonderful, helpful people everywhere in this world but also learn to enjoy your own company sometimes. My number one reason to travel solo would be that you will learn a lot about yourself, grow and become a person of compassion.

travel teaches you compassion. Why travel solo.

Please tell us more about your plans for the rest of the year! What places are you hoping to see and what is your number one travel destination for 2015?

I have many nice beach hideaway surprises planned for my readers for this summer season. Later this year I am hoping to present Rio de Janeiro. Brazil is one of the destinations I have on my bucket list for quite a while now. My number one travel destination for 2015 is Boracay which was recently ranked the most beautiful island on the planet, still is affordable and has beautiful untouched beaches.

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