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Must-have Apps and Websites for Digital Nomads

Best apps and websites for digital nomads

I always love finding new ways of making my digital nomad lifestyle easier and more time-efficient. And yes, you guessed it, there’s an app for that!

Since sharing is caring, I’ve put together a monthly roundup of apps and websites perfect for digital nomads and travellers, which I discovered or started using in January. If you like this post and would like me to turn it into a monthly series, please comment below!


1.Trip Fiction (Free)

With this website you can search for and buy location-based novels. Be sure to use it before your next big trip – as the creators of Trip Fiction note, literature helps understand a place on a much more intimate level than a book guide!

2. Desks Near Me  (Free)

Perfect for digital nomads who are tired of working from home (or the beach), Desks Near Me helps you find work space in your area, sometimes for as little as €14  a day. I came across this site through Nomadic Notes – thanks James!

3. Workfrom  (Free)

If you prefer working from a cafe over an office (I do!), then use this site to find work-friendly coffee shops, bars and other non-traditional work spaces. Currently, Workfrom covers mainly the US and some locations in Europe and Asia.

4. Trover (Free)

I found out about Trover through Instagram, and now more and more bloggers, including Wandering Earl, are supporting it. With Trover, you can upload your photos, share your discoveries and find unique places to visit. It’s both an app and a website. If you decide to join Trover, be sure to follow me!

5. Schedugram  (Paid – various payment options)

If you’re an Instagram addict like myself, you will love this website! Schedulegram allows you to post photos to Instagram directly from your laptop. You can even schedule your uploads. The payment options are based on the number of your followers –sneaky, sneaky!


1. Day One ($4.99)

With this journaling app for the iPhone, iPad and Mac you can capture your travels in little snippets. It has a great, clean interface and it’s easy to navigate.

2. Trail Wallet (Free)

Brought to us by Never Ending Voyage, this budget app for iPhone and iPad is created specifically with travellers in mind. This means that aside from the usual daily budget and expense tracking feature you can also add multiple trips with custom dates, use different currencies (218 to be exact) and even use the latest currency exchange for an accurate cost comparison. This app is basically a Godsend!

3. Tripit  (Basic version – free, Pro – $4.09/month)

If you love planning and staying organised as much as you love travelling, then this app is for you! Tripit automatically creates a simple itinerary containing all your trip info (booking references, reservations, contact deatils, directions and so on) which you can then access from your smartphone or tablet. You can also sync your travel plans with your online and mobile calendar. The pro version sends alerts for flight delays, cancellations, and even gate changes. Goodbye chaos!

4. World Time Buddy  (Free)

With this app, you can schedule calls and meetings with clients in different time zones without worrying about getting the time difference wrong. Available for IOS and Android.

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