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Unusual Things to Do in Santorini

Oia, Santorini best view, unusual things to do in Santorini

When we think about Santorini, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the stunning, almost unreal in its beauty Oia, with the famous whitewashed buildings and blue roof churches overlooking the sea.  I too have fallen in love with this fairytale-like town.

That being said, Santorini has much more to offer! The unique beaches with white, red and black sand, the beautiful and often overlooked town of Emporio, the local wineries on the way to the coast – in Santorini, there’s beauty everywhere.

The best way to explore the island is by renting  a car or, even better (and cheaper), a quad bike. The island is small and easy to travel around so there’s no excuse not to. Get on your bike and let’s go!

quad bike renatl, travel  Santorini


This charming medieval village with its narrow, maze-like alleyways and unique architecture will make you feel like you went back in time (or, if you’re a Star Wars fan, like you’ve just landed on Tatooine). The village overlooks Perissa and Perivolos beach and is home to the best preserved castelli (castle) on the island.

Emporio, Santorini

Emporio village architecture, Santorini

Emporio village, Santorini

The Beaches

While beaches in Santorini aren’t as stunning as those you can find on other Greek islands, they are still worth a visit. You can easily see a few of them in one day. The names of the beaches correspond with the colour of their sand, a result of a  volcano eruption . The Red Beach is the most spectacular-looking, with a huge piece of rugged red rock  towering over the narrow strip of volcanic sand. From there, you can take a boat to the White Beach which is just a few minutes away. The boat’s departures depend on the weather conditions. The Black Beach is larger and more accessible, as you don’t need to hike to get there.  There are a few restaurants by the beach so you can easily spend a day there.

Red Beach, Santorini

The Red Beach

Black Beach, Santorini

The Black Beach

Boat Ride to the Active Volcano

If you’re in the mood for trekking, don’t miss out on the visit to the active volcano! Quick history lesson for those interested: Santorini used to have a round shape, and was initially called Strogili (which means “round” in Greek) until the volcanic eruption in 1,5000 BC destroyed the settlements, creating the current shape. The volcano is located on the Nea Kameni island. The easiest way to get there is by taking a boat from Fira harbour – you can choose from a variety of cruise options at the local travel agents. Some cruises combine the trip with a quick stopever at the hot springs, in case you want to go for a quick, refreshing dip. The landscape of Nea Kameni is very different from anything else you’ll see in Santornini and the views are stunning! The volcano island is very much a touristy atraction, but it’s worth a visit.

active volcano boat trip Santorini, Nea Kameni island,

Have you ever been to Santorini? What are your travel trips?

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  1. I love Santorini! Every time I go back I discover something even more beautiful than the first time!! <3 <3

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