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Travel Beauty Tips for the Holiday Season

travel beauty tips for the festive season

Are you spending most of the holiday season on the road and want to look great without having to bring a lot of products? I’ve put together a list of tips for beauty-conscious travellers to help you look fab while travelling, with a minimum effort! I’ll be travelling to four countries over Christmas and New Year and I will definitely be following these myself.

PS: Let’s be honest – when travelling, more often than not, I end up wearing minimal to no makeup and stick my hair up in a bun. I’m pretty sure that most of you do the same, but it’s the holiday season, so let’s have some fun and glam up our travel game!


travel beauty tips for the Christmas season

Your hair is one of the first things that others notice about you, but who has the time to fuss over it when you’re constantly on the go? Use these simple tricks to keep your hair looking fresh and pretty:

  • Use a dry shampoo

It’ll keep your hair looking and smelling fresh while instantly adding volume to the roots. A few sprays and you’re good to go! My favourite brand is Batiste.

  • Wear a pretty hat

Your best friend on bad hair days, a cute hat will also make you look glam while travelling. You won’t even have to worry about doing your hair – just pop the hat on and off  you go!

  • Effortless curls with no heat (medium to long hair)

Try this simple and easy hairstyle to create natural, loose curls. Slightly damp your hair to help it curl faster and comb through to remove any tangles. Put your hair into medium sized buns as shown in the picture below:

curling hair with no heat

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You can do this by taking small sections of hair, twisting them and putting them into a bun-like shape, secured with a hair pin. Leave it like this overnight or for about an hour before heading out. The longer you keep your hair curled, the stronger the curl. Once you untie your hair, run your fingers through to loosen the curl, spray with a bit of hairspray for a long lasting effect and there you go – a pretty hairstyle with practically no effort at all!


How to do your makeup when you trave, travel makeup beauty tips

Travelling can leave you feeling (and looking) tired! If you want to look fresh and awake without carrying a whole range of products with you, invest in multi-use makeup (see below). Also, bring product samples to save space in your bag, like a mini mascara or a mini perfume bottle. The products listed below are all you need to do your makeup in 5 min and make sure it lasts all day with minimal to no touch-ups:

  • A concealer.
  • A long wear eyeshadow (for a no fuss application use Maybelline Color Tattoo – this stuff will stay on all day and will not budge, even without an eyeshadow primer!)
  • A good mascara which will both lengthen and curl your lashes, so that you don’t need to bring an eyelash curler. My all-time favourite is “They’re Real!” by Benefit. A cheaper dupe is the Seventeed Falsifeye HD mascara – it costs the fraction of the price and is almost as good!
  • A lipstain – it can double as a blusher.
  • A soft eyebrow pencil which will double as an eyeliner.
  • Bronzer – you can also use it as an eyeshadow– I usually apply it in the crease to add depth and definition to my eyes.
  • Compact powder to set the makeup, especially if you have oily skin (my favourite mattifying powder is “Stay Matte” by Rimmel)
  • If you have problematic skin and want to hide your imperfections, use a BB cream or a light foundation.

Stay Hydrated

stay hydrated while you travel

Travelling, especially by plane, will leave your skin dry and dehydrated. Aside from using a good moisturiser and drinking a lot of water, use a face mist – they are refreshing, cooling and give your skin extra hydration. I recommend Avene or La Roche Posay.

Fake It

If you’re in a real hurry or too tired to do any of the above, just pop your shades on, tie your hair in a high ponytail and go for a bright lip look – it will instantly make you look well-put together. Finally, if all else fails, smile – it’s your best accessory!

Over to you – what are your favourite travel beauty tips? Sharing is caring, ladies!

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  1. reen says

    If all else fails ask those you meet on your travels to add you on Facebook so that they can see your pretty pics!

  2. I swear by dry shampoo! Not only for travelling but also for festivals. I don’t actually know what I did before a friend introduced to me to it!

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